Balloon Garland Tutorial

Balloon garlands are stylish, creative and the hottest trend right now. Whether draped across your entrance, hung above your cake table or displayed as a centrepiece, they certainly create that wow factor!

If you think they look complicated to make, think again! With our super easy tutorial and balloon garland kit, you will be a pro in no time!  

The Materials: 

  • Different sized balloons and tonnes of them! We recommend  75 - 90 balloons for a 2.5m garland and 120 - 150 balloons for a 5m garland. 

For this garland we used: 

  • Peach 11” latex balloons x 10 
  • Peach 5” latex balloons x 20 
  • Rose gold metallic 11” balloons x 10 
  • Rose gold metallic 5” balloons x 20 
  • Marble 11" latex balloons x 10 
  • Grey 11" latex  balloons x 15 
  • Grey 5" latex balloons x 5  
  • Grey greige satin 36" round balloons x 3  
  • Balloon installation tape
  • Command hooks 
  • Balloon pump - we recommend an electric one to speed things up 
  • Glue dots 
  • A good friend and sturdy fingers to tie the balloons!! 

Estimated time - 1 hour 

Step 1 - Plan the garland 

Select the balloons and lay them out to create your design. The 11" balloons should make the frame, whilst the 5" balloons fill the garland, and make the shape.  

Step 2  - Inflate and tie off the balloons 

TIP: Don't fully inflate the balloons. We recommend inflating the 11" balloons to 8" and the 5" balloons to 3". This makes the balloons easier to tie and creates a rounder shape on the garland.  

Step 3 - Attach balloons to the balloon installation tape 

Leaving a few holes empty at the start of the tape, to hang the garland, begin attaching the balloons by inserting the tied end through each hole, until the knot pulls through and stays in place.   

Insert each balloon on alternate sides of the tape. 

TIP: To create a looser draping garland, leave around 7-9 holes in between each 11” balloon. For a firmer shape leave 3-5 holes between each balloon. Fill gaps with the 5” balloons. Use the giant 36" balloons to weigh down the garland at the bottom end.  

Step 4 - Hang the balloon garland 

Use a couple of command hooks to secure  the top of the garland to a wall, and let the bottom half drape naturally.  

Step 5 – Adjust the shape and fill the gaps 

Using the glue dots, fill out any gaps and shape your garland  

Admire your piece of art!

TIP: Remember have fun with it and add your own twist. Including different textures such as flowers and paper decorations can be really effective! 


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